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Velodyne DDP18 18" Subwoofer





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Digital DrivePLUS Series: The New Industry Benchmark In Low Distortion Bass
The Digital DrivePLUS 18 (DD-18+) is the pinnacle of almost three decades of Velodyne subwoofer engineering expertise. It’s the biggest, baddest, cleanest, hardest-hitting sub in the world today, with distortion under ½% and a staggering amount of output; at 115 dB maximum output, it’s 5 dB louder than a sonic boom. Needless to say, it also gets low—way, way low, with a frequency response between 14.4 and 120 Hz at 3dB down with a massive 3000 Watt dynamic amplifier. Unleash the authoritative power of the DD-18+ on your largest listening spaces and sink into the aural experience of over 99.5% accurate bass reproduction with unbelievable muscle. The 8-band Auto-EQPLUS feature and remote-controlled presets ensure that the sub’s settings and output are optimized for your unique listening space so you get the most out of your new equipment. To top it off, this beast is also a beauty, with elegantly curved cabinetry of opulent wood veneer in real cherry or black ebony.
If your listening space is as huge as your need for the best possible earth-shaking performance, the DD-18+ is what you’re looking for.

One-Touch Auto-EQPLUS automates the seamless blend of subwoofer, system and room
Use your PC for manual adjustments and real time feedback of your bass performance
The industry's lowest distortion bass—under .5%
Sophisticated cone design for fast, accurate motion
Six-layer, custom wound voice coil assures better heat dissipation
Massive motor structure for amazing low-frequency energy

Auto On/Off
Cabinet Design
Dimensions: (H/W/D)
Frequency Response (+/-3 dB)
HiPass Crossover
LoPass Crossover
Phase Control
Removable Grille
Shipping Weight
Voice Coil
Warranty (N. Am.)
3000 watts Dynamic, 1250 watts RMS Power
Sealed servo enclosure
58cm x 53cm x 65cm
14.4 - 120 Hz
80 or 100 Hz at 6 dB/octave
40 Hz to 199 Hz  Default: 80 Hz @ 24 dB/Octave
0, 180 Degrees
64 kg
Six-layer, 75mm
Two years (electronics & drivers - parts & labor)
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