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Classe SSP 800 Processor




SSP 800 Proc

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The surround sound processor is the core of a high-end home theater system. It is the conduit through which all source signals flow and it performs the critical tasks of decoding various audio formats, converting digital signals to analog, and then pre-amplifying the analog signals in as pure a manner as possible. It must allow high definition video to pass through uncorrupted. A surround sound processer can either limit or gloriously reveal the full potential of every component in the home theater system. Proliferation of the latest high-definition audio and video technologies served as the inspiration for a new challenge: the creation of the definitive SSP—a surround sound processor to set the standard for the high definition era. The result is the SSP-800, Classé’s statement preamp/processor.

SSP-800 Processor:

HDMI 1.4 : 5 in / 2 out
Component : 2 in / 1 out
Composite: 2 in
COAX:4 in / 1 out
Optical:4 in / 1 out 
Analog XLR: 1 pair in / 5 pair out
Analog RCA out: 1 set 7.1 in / 2 pair in / 5 pair
DC trigger out : 2
IR: 1 in / 1 out
CAN Bus : 1 in / 1 out
Input impedance: 75 ohms
Output impedance: Fully 1.4 compliant supporting ARC, HEC, 3D video up to 1080p @ 24 fps, 
HDMI: 36-bit deep color and xvYCC
Maximum output level: 8vrms
Maximum input level: 2vrms
Output impedance : 56 ohms
Input impedance: 100kohms
Total harmonic distortion: 0.00%
Frequency response: 20Hz – 200kHz <0.1dB
Signal to noise ratio: 102dB
Audio formats: Dolby Digital Surround EX; Dolby Digital 5.1; Dolby Digital Plus; Dolby TrueHD; DTS-ES discrete; DTS 3/2/1; DTS 96/24; DTS-HD High Resolution Audio; DTS-HD Master Audio; 24bit/32-192kHz PCM
Post processing modes: Dolby pro logic IIx; DTS-ES matrix; DTS Neo:6; Mono; Mono plus; Stereo (downmix); Music plus; Movie plus
Video conversion: Composite / s video to component and HDMI; Component (upto 720p-1080i) to component and HDMI; HDMI to HDMI



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