Bowers And Wilkins 804 D4 Floorstanding Speaker

R341 990

For listeners who crave the performance of an 800 Series Diamond floorstander but prefer a more conventional aesthetic, the 804 D4 is the perfect choice.

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804 D4 is perhaps more conventional in appearance than other floorstanders in the 800 Series Diamond range, but it’s every bit as sophisticated. Its new Reverse-Wrap cabinet is both a mechanical and acoustic revolution in its class, and its new plinth ensures rock-solid, accurate bass response too.  Every stereo model in the new 800 Series Diamond range has a significantly upgraded cabinet with an all-new aluminium top-plate. This also provides a perfect mounting point for all-new Leather by Connolly trim, with luxurious black leather for dark cabinets and light grey for lighter finishes.  A great speaker needs a rock-solid foundation. The new 804 D4 uses a downwards-firing Flowport exiting on to a solid aluminium plinth complete with a steel constrained layer damping sheet, which controls unwanted resonance. It also has greatly upgraded spikes for maximum stability and durability.

Key Points

  • Diamond tweeter
  • Solid body Tweeter-on-Top
  • Continuum cone FST
  • Anti-Resonance plug
  • Biomimetic Suspension
  • Matrix
  • Aerofoil cone bass units
  • Flowport
  • 20Hz to 35kHz